The brand keeps up the momentum heading into the new year.

Royal Enfield kept its throttle pinned throughout 2022. The Indian OEM didn’t just release the Scram 411, Hunter 350, and Super Meteor 650 in the span of nine months, but also maintained strong sales growth. According to new reporting released by Enfield's parent company Eicher Motors, the brand sure isn’t slowing down in 2023 either.

Starting with sub-350cc models, Royal Enfield sold 68,183 units in January, 2023. That’s a 38-percent jump compared to the 48,586 small-capacity bikes delivered in January, 2022. Sadly, Enfield models exceeding 350cc didn’t fare so well. Last month, the firm only shipped 6,563 such examples, which represents a 29-percent drop from the same period last year. During that time, Royal Enfield moved 9,252 mid-capacity bikes.

However, the manufacturer still claimed a 27-percent sales growth in January, 2023, thanks to the strength of its sub-350cc lineup. In total, Enfield sold 74,746 motorcycles in the first month of 2023, easily eclipsing the 58,838 examples purchased in January, 2022. Still, mixed results define the report, with Royal Enfield’s international business shrinking by 23 percent year-over-year (YOY).

The firm’s year-to-date (YTD) is much more consistent, though, with each category outperforming the previous period. Between April, 2022, and January, 2023, Enfield enthusiasts bought 608,772 sub-350cc bikes. That’s a staggering 52-percent spike over 401,085 entry-level units purchased from April, 2021, to January, 2022. The middleweights performed well too, with the 82,344 350cc+ models shipping to customers during the same period. That equates to an 11-percent uptick over the 74,346 mid-capacity bikes purchased last year.

As a result, Enfield currently enjoys a 45-percent YTD sales growth on the whole, while international sales rose by 24 percent. The 2022 sales figures from the U.K. and Europe only support those international gains as well. Royal Enfield may have blossomed in 2022, but it’s only carrying that momentum into 2023.

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