The R-Laser 25 can accommodate a back protector and is compatible with Ixon’s airbag system.

As a daily rider, it’s extremely beneficial to have riding gear that can serve multiple purposes. Given the fact that a lot of us ride for reasons other than riding itself, packing light while at the same time being protected and carrying your daily essentials. Usually, a backpack is our go-to, but this is made even better if said backpack is also a piece of protective gear.

This is exactly where popular French gear and equipment manufacturer Ixon enters the spotlight with its newest backpack, the R-Laser 25. On the outside, the backpack has a very sporty design, perfectly attuned with most naked and sportbikes on the market today. Construction-wise, it has a neoprene coating and a preformed shell at the front, meaning it retains its shape even when there’s nothing in it. Better still, the lower portion of the bag is reinforced for abrasion resistance. It has a total storage capacity of 25 liters.

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The main pocket has a double-zipper setup and even has a sub-compartment for a laptop. There are three additional patch pockets with one of them being zipped to store your mobile phone in. Additionally, there’s also a small pocket on the front of the helmet that contains a net to carry stuff like shoes and other bulky items. The bag is compatible with a hydration bladder, with an opening on top for you to run the hose through. Lastly, it also has a strap for you to hang your helmet on when you’re walking on the street. Talk about versatility.

Now, this isn’t where this backpack’s benefits come to an end, either. The R-Laser 25 is also optimized to serve as a piece of protective gear. Ixon has fitted it with ergonomic and adjustable straps. These straps can be tightened at the chest and waist ensuring a snug fit. This is because a back protector can be fitted in the rear compartment, offering valuable protection on city commutes. It’s even compatible with Ixon’s airbag system—so that means riders can forego the use of a jacket on warmer rides around the city.

Last but not least, Ixon has visibility in mind with a high-visibility rain cover designed to protect your stuff from the rain, as well as keep you visible to other road users in foggy and low light conditions. Ixon asks nothing more than 119.95 Euros, or around $130 USD for the R-Laser 25. It comes in only one black colorway.

Source: Ixon, Le Repaire Des Motards

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